Tree Services in Ashford, Middlesex

Achieve an aesthetically beautiful and well-maintained landscape by calling upon our tree felling and surgery. John Lester Fencing & Landscaping, in Ashford, Middlesex, has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of tree work, and specialise in storm damage repair.

Taking Trees to Task

No matter how much work you require on your trees and greenery, John Lester Fencing & Landscaping are on the case. We complete full on-site assessments and provide quotations for all of our services, which include:

Trimming - Stump Grinding - Crown Reduction - Deadwood Removal - Felling - Crown Raising - Crown Thinning

Preventing Damage from Dead Trees

John Lester Fencing & Landscaping are experts in the removal of decaying or dead trees and dangerous and unsightly plants from your site. Our skilled and experienced tree surgeons use only the safest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to effectively get rid of damaged or diseased trees.

Pruning for Perfection

Leave your outdoor areas neat and tidy throughout the year with the help of our first-rate pruning solutions. Our tree surgeons specialise in trimming troublesome branches back to the main trunk, ensuring that they re-grow in a suitable and controlled fashion.

Reducing Overgrowing Greenery

Along with our pruning, we also offer crown thinning and lifting services. Crown reductions are vital when a tree has become too big for its surrounding. By reducing the height and spread of the tree to a pre-arranged amount, we make it more suited to its position. The thinning method is a process of cutting down and removing a percentage of the smaller branches of broadleaved species. This service allows more light to pass through the canopy, and reduces the wind resistance of the tree, without drastically changing the overall shape and size of the tree.

Contact us now, in Ashford, Middlesex, to find out more about our tree felling and surgery.